Monday, June 24, 2013

Glossary terms have been updated

I made a few updates to the glossary check it out.  Let me know if there's anything missing.




The act of shutting down fools on the street.  "I just BOSSED that fool"

Burn Out
The act of smoking out and melting your rear tire to the slab to show how awesome you are.

Someone driving a 4-wheeled vehicle.

Comes from the word machine; meaning it looks awesome

Combat Commute
Rush hour traffic; requires a soldier to be on point (see “on point” below).

Bandanna; Tied to belt loop or around the belt. This method is normally preformed during easy rides (see “easy riding” below).

Dirty Bird
Danglin your left arm to the side while tucked.  This is act is done to completely disrespect and individual or a cager. 

Easy Riding

Easy rides are group rides consisting of 2 or more soldiers.

People that don't understand the scoot lifestyle.


Everyday on a Scoot is a Holiday.

Keep it on 2

Keep Scooting.

Keep it street
Keep it real

Mad Speeds

Going really fast.

Master of the Scooterverse
Scoot Lord.

Marine Style Lane Split.  Splitting lanes as fast as you possibly can ride. (I MLS'd the entire 101 today cause traffic sucked so hard)


Scenester-hipster; Rides a scooter to been scene not for love.


Mods in the works; Mods not yet complete.

Modification made to a scooter. Often confused with scenesters so make sure you specify or use in the correct context. (Mods made on the scoot).

Cop, Police, Roller.


The environmental scooterist, rides for the amazing mpg’s and low emissions.

On point
Full attention on the slab, always aware of your surroundings.

Pimp Swerve
A person on a non motorized vehicle or on foot that literally waits to run across the street in front of you cause you to swerve a pimp.  Some areas are more prone to this action (north oceanside)

Bandanna; Worn on the face to protect from the elements as well as for steez.

Letting people know where you are from, who you roll with and how you roll.

The act of someone rolling on you (you just got rolled on fool hahaha) disrespected; being pulled over by a cop (you’ve been rolled on by that roller).

Cops, Police.

The act of driving by someone and letting them know you own the slab, basically just driving by someone preferably at a slow speed. (Visual drive by; yo…I’m gonna roll on that fool).

Scoot Lord
Commander of the Slab Soldiers; Self-proclaimed Master of the Scooterverse.

Scoot, transportation of the master’s, often referred as the most intelligent form of transportation on the planet.


Anyone who rides a scooter, could be a mod, tron or soldier. Either way it’s obvious that they understand how awesome scooters really are.

The entire universe revolves around the scooting lifestyle.


Someone who is all about being a part of the scene…trying too hard.

Same as steez, what people from Indiana call steez.


Slamming on the brakes to stop. (See Skidmark Scooter Gang).

Skidmark Scooter Gang
Inspirational Scooter gang; known to have the longest skid ever recorded on video.

The streets; Road; Highway.


Rides a scooter for love, lives and dies by the slab. Soldiers ride in any weather. The slab belongs to the soldiers.

Soldiers of the Slab

An international scooter organization with one goal in mind “world domination by scooter”.


Going fast.


The act of spraying gravel with your rear tire, sometimes confused with a burnout.

Style. Steez is almost as important as having an actual scooter. It is what defines you on the Slab.

That’s how I roll

This is what I do. Basically you have no real explanation for what you do so you answer (That’s how I roll).


After a long day of scooting with out protection from the sun, another reason to always have a rag on.

These guys love futuristic scooters, wish they had crotch rockets and they love space.

Possibly the greatest stunt of all time. When you take off so fast that your front wheel lifts off the ground and you ride only on your rear tire.

Working on the scoot; doing regular maintenance on the scoot.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Scoot Season!

The Crew has been growing over the colds months!  Now its time to ride stay posted for the next ride.  Until then keep patrolling the slab!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sunday night Scoot

This Sunday is going to be first of two scoot runs in November out of North County San Diego.  This one will be Nov. 4th meeting at Seaworthy Surf in Downtown Carlsbad and will run down the coast to PB or possibly downtown.  The second scoot of the month is going to a Palomar mountain run and the date for this run is still to be determined.  Spread the word!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ditch riding

Here is a pic of one of our newer members the young pimp earning his keep for SOTS! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Slab Sundays

Come join us this Sunday at Seaworthy Surf Shop located in downtown Carlsbad.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sunday Night Rides at Seaworthy Surf!

Bi-weekly rides in North County San Diego. We will be meeting Sunday October 14th at 6:30 pm in front of Seaworthy Surf Shop located in downtown Carlsbad. Spread the word!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


If you have questions about anything, I have the answers. So just submit a comment with your question and I'll answer it. Do it now before CERN decides to destroy the world once and for all.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hate Mail

Check out this awesome new hate mail. My response is below.

Jesus H. Christ scootering is just a way too get around. You take yourselves to seriously. Hey, how about this --- enlist in the Army and fight a real battle. You're a bunch of adolescent winking schmucks who have nothing better to do than imagine yourselves as soldiers. How fierce of you. Holy cow get a life.

I thought when they said "don't ask don't tell" it meant you don't have to scream it from the top of a building man. I'm happy that you are comfortable with your sexuality (more power to you) but I don't go around telling everyone that I am married to a woman...but hey it's legal to get married to a man here in California now so bring your boyfriend and your scoot and let's ride! If your lucky i'll show you how to do and burnout or maybe even launch a curb or something totally gnarly maybe then you'll understand that everyday on the slab is a battle. Good day to you captain cornhole...I mean Pondca.

We tru Soldiers we don die...we multiply!!


Monday, April 28, 2008

Hater comment of the month's been awhile since i've posted and that is completely my fault. Things have been gnarly out there on the slab. Haterz been hating and I can't help but laugh. I have some posts i'm working on right now cause there has been some mods on my scoot i've been working on. Anyways check this comment out, this dood is so awesome he wouldn't even leave his name. So i'm sorry whoever you are...i'm straight..I don't want to hang with you and i need your number. I respect your choice and hope you find happiness. I am sorry that you think the lx150 is 3 times the scoot the vino is. Best of luck to you. Here is this totally awesome comment

"Hey Homo! That LX150 is three times the scooter of that Vino! It's one thing to like what you have, but its pure idiocy and egotistical ignorance to compare the Vino as a superior piece of machinery to the LX150. The only thing it beats it in is price. And like the old adage says: You get what you pay for."

Keep it real on the street kid...if you are ever in my area of the country come on over and i'll do a burnout on on your lx150 with my vino.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Off Scooter Training

Here's a quick clip of some off scooter training. More clips coming from the slab soon!